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Kristaq F. Shabani
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Numri i postimeve : 11570
Age : 61
Vendi : Gjirokaster, Albania
Profesioni/Hobi : Poetry
Registration date : 04/07/2008


By: Dr. Bexhet Asani

From Diaspora
In honor of March 7 the Teachers Day
Translated from Albanian to English
By: Nazmi Demishau
During the eighties of the twentieth century, the Albanian Associated Fund in New Jersey published three leaflets for the Organization’s needs. Of the three leaflets, two of them were short-lived.
The “Drini i Zi” leaflet published only one number, whereas the one for Financial Report, “The Bulletin” that was published quarterly, came out with only few numbers. The longest published leaflet undoubtedly was “Tribuna”, named by veteran teacher Gani Alimi who was the Chief Editor of few of her numbers. The Leaflet “Tribuna” , body of the GC of the AAF (General Council of the Albanian Associated Fund, Temporary Informative Leaflet, for the period of five years, published 17 numbers. The last number was published in August of 1988. The author of this study accidentally came across few of these leaflets, during one visit he made to Nazmi Demishau, Founder of The Albanian Associated Fund, in his house in Lincoln Park, New Jersey. He, with great desire, allowed me to “dig” in his book shelves. Both of us were full of joy as children when we found these leaflets, which were covered with the dust of neglect.
As I was looking through the books, found two other leaflets, prepared also by Gani Alimi, member and teacher; “Two decades of the Albanian Associated Fund (An analysis”). This leaflet does not have the year that was published but, based on the title, the veteran teacher Gani Alimi, must have written it in 1997 thus, the leaflet was published in year 2000, on the 23rd anniversary of The Albanian Associated Fund and the leaflet titled “Xixat of the second five year activity of the AAF 1982-1987, an analysis”, published in August of 1987. This leaflet with 37 pages publishes it in 1987, on the 10th anniversary of the funding of The Albanian Associated Fund. In these two leaflets, even though is all about the history of The Albanian Associated Fund, by the veteran Gani Alimi, they are not publishing’s of the Albanian Associated Funds personnel; instead, they are private publishing’s of the author.
Peoples teacher, Gani Alimi, with a rear professionalism, writes the avtivities and tribulations of The Albanian Associated Fund, as an eyewhitnees who is quite familiar with the circumstances in which The Albanian Associated Fund was conducting his patriotic activities in Paterson, New Jersey. He is showing the meddling of some Yugoslav-UDB agents of the Yougoslav Consulate in New York with the help of some co acting albanians who have faithfully served the Yugoslav regime (some of whom, he mentions by name), about the activities of The Albanian Associated Fund until his disintegration. But, thanks to a stoic stance of some patriots, they couldn’t achieve their goal.
The Albanian Associated Fund, today known as the Albanian Cultural Center, this year, 2019 willbe 42 years since his foundation on December 14, 1977. Why Gani Alimi wrote these two leaflets? He gives us the answer on the first page of the leaflet “Two decades of the Organization Albanian Associated Fund, who, among others writes: “The reason that pushed me to write about our Organization was that me, as an old member of this Organization and as First teacher of the Albanian School that our Organization Albanian Associated Fund opened it in Paterson NJ (New Jersey), in 1982 and as Secretary of this Organization during it’s revival period 1981 – 1985. I am doing this for the sake of deeds done by the AAF last two decades of its activities. On the other hand I’m doing this for the truth to be known about the 23 years of activities of our Organization that many compatriots have shed sweat and money for the building and the progress of this Organization”. A noble and daring thinking of the people’s teacher Gani Alimi. On its 47 pages, on two leaflets, one with 37 and the other with 10 pages, of Gani Alimis leaflets, you can find the short history of twenty year activity of the Albanian Associated Fund.
The footsteps of Gani Alimi, will follow the Founder of The Albanian Associated Fund, Nazmi Demishau, who will write about the history of The Albanian Associated Fund, in its book of 538 pages “Mes Dy Zjarresh” published by Publishing House “Liria”, Tirana, 2003, three years after publishing of leaflet of Gani Alimi “Two decades of the Organization The Albanian Associated Fund” 2000 (An analisis).
After I finally came to live in New Jersey, in June of 2015, I proposed to the president of the Albanian Cultural Center of Riverdale, to prepare an Monograph for this Center, since I was relatively familiarwith the activities of the former Albanian Associated Fund and it’s follower Albanian Cultural Center, they, not only were being indifferent, from time to time, they were acting def and showing disregard! In my insistence that the Center has a reach archive, one of them answered: We have nothing! I put an end to the issue. I thought maybe because they are not educated enough, thus do not know the importance and value of the “Monograph” which would have included the whole history of the Albanian Cultural Center. Now, after four years, when I am studying few leaflets of The Albanian Associated Fund, came to a conclusion that those of the Leadership knew much better than meThe Albanian Associated Fund today Albanian Cultural Center.
Nevertheless, at this time, I will concentrate on the bright side of the history of The Albanian Associated Fond. “Tribuna” #13 with 13 pages a periodical informative leaflet, with editor Gani Alimi, published in July of 1986 with 300 copies. On the front cover of the “Tribuna” is written: “Preserving the language and the national traditions is a moral responsibility of every albanian which, for that time it was a great courage because the Albanians of the former Yugoslavia were targeted, jailed, killed as nationalists and separatists in their homeland and abroad in diasporas.
On the first and second page is written for the closing of the school year 1985-1986. On this special occasion, main speaker was the teacher Mrs. Gjylasfie Ferati, who was enthusiastically overwhelmed by the success achieved during the school year, among others, she wrote: “To this learning process, also took part yet one other veteran teacher, Mrs. Jeta Hajdari that gave me great deal of will and courage. The contribution that Mrs. Hajdari gave to this Organization, deserves to be admirable. This act should serve as an example for all veteran teachers.
The speech of Mrs. Jeta Hajdari, is actual now and will be so for years to come, it reminds us of the peoples teachers, Sevasti dhe Parashqevi Qiriazi, in opening of the Albanian School for girls, in Korcha: “We know very well that we live in the country where, the language nor the traditions are like ours. These circumstances allow that the new generation to melt and assimilate. Well said by teacher Jeta Hajdari, who had noticed the danger of assimilation. The language keeps the nation alive. Without it language, it obliterates. Then, isn’t it a shame that a ancient nation like ours to let it melt into other nations? No! That no one would like…! (Tribuna nr.13, f. 1-2 1986).
In the meantime, to The Albanian Associated Fund, greetings from all over were pouring in by Albanians and others. From numerous letters they received, they chose one for the leaflet “Tribuna”, sent by an American intellectual couple named Rojas. Mrs. Royas is a professor of the Figurative Arts. Chronicler (Gani Alimi) shows an exceptional attention for the Folkloric group of The Albanian Associated Fund, for the occasion of celebration of the centennial of “The Statue of Liberty “ in New York City. On that celebration were present then President of France, Fransua Miteran and the President of the United States of America Ronald Regan who turned on the lights of The Statue of Liberty. Meanwhile, the founder of The Albanian Associated Fund, Nazmi Demishau, has a piece for the first anniversary of purchasing of the building of The Albanian Associated Fund and he wrote: “….the idea and the action for buying the building of The Cultural Center, did not fell off the sky, it was born right here, among us…”
The “Tribuna” nr. 16, published in 1987 has 8 pages. Its responsible editor is the teacher Jeta Hajdari wher as, as corrector was Nazmi Demishau. In the Editorial, come to light misdeeds of some of the members who, aside from the fact that they are not contributing enough and not only they have opportunist view toward The Albanian Associated Fund but, they “create hatred” that some have resulted in sabotage and blackmail. As it can be noticed from the editorial, the path of The Albanian Associated Fund, was not an easy task but full of hardship, sacrifices as well as threats of closing of The Albanian Associated Fund. The written subjects of “Tribuna” such as Editorial, Independence 1912, in the vicinity of Boston, Massachusetts and New Elections do not have author, which leads us to understand that they must have been written by Jeta Hajdari and Nazmi Demishau.
December of 1987 it is Election season of The Albanian Associated Fund, which is why they are appealing to the members and others, for successful continuation of the activities of our Organization, it is necessary as well as democratic that the staff of the personnel be replaced with young and energetic and vigorous activists. That way is given a chance to more and more people, to give their humanitarian and patriotic contribution. It is time to put aside our differences, our antagonistic and tendentious bias. To set aside anger, which is damaging not only to one self but to the entire society…”
The “Tribuna” Leaflet, nr. 17, which was published by the end of August 1988, has to be the last of number of said Leaflet. The reason as to why it was discontinued , maybe the Founder of The Albanian Associated Fund and the members of the Board, for that period. Responsible Editor of the “Tribuna” nr. 17 is Nazmi Demishau with two correctors, Jeta Hajdari and Suria Qira where as the front cover of the Leaflet was designed by our great painter Zikri Meta.
“Tribuna nr. 17 consist of 21 pages. In this number are noticed The Editorial by teacher Jeata Hajdari and The Reportage: Concert in Wuster Massachusetts , written by Suria Qira. The rest of the pages are filled with greeting letters for the activities of The Albanian Associated and some business advertisements of the companies owned by Albanians. And, finally, the poem of Jeta Hajdari: “Let us gather all as one” An verse in which the author expresses a sense of happiness because, to learn the Albanian Language and to get together ; students and teachers, now they have Place of their own, obtained for them by The Albanian Associated Fund.
In its Reportage, titled “Concert in Wuster, Syria Qira is thanking The General Councel of The Albanian Associated Fund, the Committee of the Free Activities, lead by Ruzhdi Lumani and the orchestra, who also made it possible of organizing few other presentations, such as New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts etc….
As we were approaching the city of Wuster, our hearts start pounding. To our surprise, someone shouted: -There is the Church! A frenetically applause burst unexpectedly: yeeeeeee… followed with more applause.
We found ourselves in the court of the Albanian-American “St. Mary’s Orthodox Church”. The kids were lined up as per their hights and, and slowly approached the entrance. One of the Churches organizers, Mr. John Anas, accompanied by five others, were waiting to greet us. About ten months before, they too had started their efforts to get organized like us.
They were amazed. From that enthusiastic filling, their eyes were shining, as they were looking our children dressed in those beautiful Albanian customs, walking like little lams toward the Hall where they were to perform. The Hall was dressed beautifully. At the Main Entrance, was placed a portrait of Fan S. Noli, work of art done by some professional painter.
The Hall was filled with spectators…” These were some of the profound impressions of the songs and dances of The Group of The Albanian Associated Fund from the Concert in the city of Wuster, Massachusetts, published in the last Leaflet of “Tribuna”
The discontinuing of publishing the Leaflet “Tribuna”, disappointed greatly the peoples teacher Gani Alimi, who ironizes all those who took part or contributed that this Leaflet to stop being published. On this occasion, he would write: “It appears that “Tribuna” too suffered the same fate as the poor “Drini I Zi”. Some, that are very few in number, would like to read it and here and there murmuring:
“ …O my dear friends,
we are stuck in the storm,
“Drini” too went by “Tribuna”;
We thought, maybe it turned
Into a candle and was turned off!!!” (Xixat…page 37, 2000)
After this reaction by the School loving Veteran Gani Alimi, “Tribuna” publishet another three leaflets. When he wrote this reaction was written, nr. 14 of the Leaflet “Tribuna” was already published and for seven month, no other was published.
The Founder of The Albanian Associated Fund, Nazmi Demishau, in the name of this Institution, as a token of Gratitute, for being the FIRST teacher of the Albanian Class, during the School Year 1982-1983, at the Public School nr. 18 in Paterson, New Jersey.
The General Council of the Albanian Associated Fund
President: Nazmi Demishau
On July 1, 1984
Paterson, New Jersey (demishau, page 137, year 2003)
Today, The Albanian Associated Fund, functioning in a new building, with a new name:Albanian American Cultural Center, in Riverdale, New Jersey. Its activities continue…
Leaving aside gossips, disagreements, malice, intrigues and misdeeds of some individuals of particular time, in 1980’s, The Albanian Associated Fund had successfully accomplished his Historic Mission. They were terrible times. The Jugoslav Regime had reached the top stage of prosecutions and violence toward Albanians. Albanians, as soon as they returned to their Homeland, their passports were taken away, so they could not return to their place of work. Passport were given only to those who accepted to work for. UDB Agents were everywere. As per the Founder of The Albanian Associated Fund, Nazmi Demishau, aside from the UDB, The Organization was fought by the Albanian Diplomatic Mission! That’s why, The Albanian Associated Fund Organization, in no way was to remain in patriotic character. She, either had to be resolved and eliminated or switch to “Islamic Center”!
(Demishau, page 81, 2003)
In retrospect of this period, tragic as well as noble, for the Albanian population in general, especially for Kosova, some of the members of The Albanian Associated Fund were boiling for the love of their Homeland.
Language preservation, their Albanian clothing, customs and rules, it was primary goal for the majority of them. This can be noticed almost in every page, of the small number of Leaflets .
March 1, 2019
Blumindale, New Jersey
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