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 When you enter a "chamber" … of thought and practicality

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Kristaq F. Shabani
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Age : 63
Vendi : Gjirokaster, Albania
Profesioni/Hobi : Poetry
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When you enter a "chamber" … of thought and practicality Empty
MesazhTitulli: When you enter a "chamber" … of thought and practicality   When you enter a "chamber" … of thought and practicality EmptyFri Jun 19, 2020 11:55 am

"The poet's spiritual world has accommodation space for the whole planet ..." .
Kristaq F. Shabani

When you enter a "chamber" … of thought and practicality

By Prof. Kristaq F. Shabani, poet, writer, researcher, aesthete

Nothing is created and there is no random birth, but, of course, there is a high level of difficulty coefficient.
To undertake and achieve great goals and objectives, to create institutions, or to continue and lead the creature, to organize and develop activities, even great events, to be in the forefront to prove the vitality of thought, to positive energy, to be sublimated for great things, you have to have a prominent thought, to create this thought in a qualitative stage, to be practical, not separating the word from the action, this is the key to success. But in order to achieve your goals and objectives, you must recognize this key to success.
This seemingly "torturous" practice, as it requires a lot of mental energy and a lot of physical energy to "architect" and "model" it, is a concretization of the idea and the enthusiasm that is created with maximum emotion, after you have successfully realized that "project, or sketch of ideas" created in your mind and transmitted with energy and to others, brings a golden "enthronement" and the justification of that reasoned saying: "Man, how beautiful this word sounds"… This is leader’s strength.
A journey that is as real and convincing, as it evidenced and fixed, as motivating, as stimulating, as proud and inspiring, of the Albanian-American Cultural Center, in this journey of about five decades of activity, in the strongest state in the world, The United States, where freedoms and rights are at the highest possible level, where, regardless of where you come from, under the US Constitution, being a legitimate citizen of this state, you have unquestionable space to disclose ideas, to concretize them, to inspire values with human dignity.
Isn't QKSHA a model where an example should be taken? Isn't it a mirror and model to clearly express our above-mentioned conclusion…? So, the mastermind of this organization, Nazmi Demishau, but also all those who further led this journey, all its active members and all the organisms created within it in all the constituent elements have their merit.
Albanians have also been part of advanced American society for centuries. They entered this society, emancipated themselves, thanks to the intellect of their temperament, and today they do beautiful deeds: they consistently preserve their identity, their ancient language, strive for the education and culture of their descendants by integrating and engaging skilfully in American life and, even, standing out with their talent. They display their mental vitality, talent and practicality. Doesn't this center prove this fact? Of course, yes. And the main thing is that, in this beautiful convincing journey, people with profiles are born and develop their activity, taking the dimensions of the leader. Isn't Burim Zhuta one of them, who, some time ago, came from his Albanian Struga and settled in New Jersey with many dreams, with the American dream and, if you " roll up your sleeves" to an analytical study his "pool cue" today is at a high stage, which can hardly be surpassed by others.
A man with a cultural horizon, with the explosion of new ideas, with finding, innovation, starting from the beautiful parable:
"I'm here in my second country, but I will never forget my motherland, my Nation."
Love for people, warmth with them, violent outbursts based on reality, "flights" with beautiful, colourful, mature and energetic wings, falling in love with his identity, love for the mother tongue, love for the spiritual, love for the book, love for tradition, the customs of the ancients, love for the homeland, the unfolding of humanity and other charities, express the blessed personality, the well-nourished presence of the truly young Man, far from the schemes and fantastic fences…
It is not uncommon to present values in a variety of fields, to organize events with thematic diversity, to stimulate, to encourage every good initiative, to open an Albanian school with functionality, to initiate and open a functional library in the service of knowledge and culture, to celebrate elastically the holidays, anniversaries and birthdays of the great heroes of your Nation, even to pay homage on anniversaries of the Renaissance men, of the Wise Men of the Nation, to show the advantages of the small Nation, but with bright figures; to be proud and to hold events for the National Hero, George Castriot Scanderbeg, for the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, the Great Mother Teresa, to promote writers, artists, researchers, to organize scientific conferences, to encourage folklore and folklore groups with talent programs, to encourage other young people. This is a great wealth of knowledge preserved and reflected… But the Cultural Center has a good connection with its sisters of this rank in the US.
To reflect and record this activity in a column means to preserve memory. Doesn’t the care to publish such a book prove this?

Investing in books means preserving memory, encouraging tradition, and preserving identity.
It should be noted that Albanians, wherever they live today, in many countries of the world keep the love for the root, for the Motherland, for the Nation. This is a great truth, which raises the level of emotional level. This is evidenced by the large emigrations imposed throughout history, which have been drastic for Albanians, but pride in their identity and language has been the key word. Do not the Arbëresh, the Albanians of America, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, Canada, or even the Arvanites prove this, who, despite the constraints, the massacres, the denaturalisations, the mentalities, the tendencies, kept themselves unassimilated?
I, like many others, have dreamed of America, we have loved it and we love it, thanks to our ancestors, who emigrated to this prosperous and lecture teaching country of active democracy. Not in vain, I have written about this "fire" and this "small poem" I have as part of my large collection of works of all kinds of genuine representative literature, which I am revealing at this entrance in the "beautiful room" of the Albanian American Cultural Center.


Yur voice “contours” the nation linguistically...
Pieces separated from the Yellow Strips,
Feel the whole inside them!
“The voice...”, the richest
of the voices of the Globe,
“Breathing” of the brain of the People,
The tireless in its cords,
the voice of the Century,
The most harmonic
of the notes on the Score,
The nice looking prince appointed
with delight by the King.
Opens the gates of the Lethargic,
In the concert of the five Nymphs,
As they attend the rite
“Dance of the better Future”...
“THE VOICE”, bridge creature, unites
The out of play “Sick shores”...
Initiator of the “Dream of the Islands”
To become Peninsulas!
A wise portrayal of souls,
Idol people enchant,
Where sincerity, projection,
Reveals “undulating thoughts”...
The Moon,
a pleasurable-dream, appears
In a horizon of seagull,
To illuminate projects
of good-hearted stars
In felt erotic relation,...
Cosmonauts of turns
Set for the planets of dreams
Embraced with the shining constellations,
In a wide-spaced embrace
With admirative interjection.
The rachitic widowed groundsels,
Are transformed into flour of wood,...
The bridges of quarrels
and turning of the backs,
“The grey Alps of rancour shed tears
There reigns...
The image embroiders
with embroidery floss the others...
The celestial dome needs to be restored
In a project of the anchor of dreaming.
“The Voice ...” resembles
with a new planet of voice,
The awakener of the sleepy minds...
With it I want to open
and close the curtain of the Day
And to reopen the buds in infinity...
The heart pulsation is performing a concert...

“The pieces” feel their own selves,
within the whole,
And the whole feels the pieces
Connected with a stationing comma...
Strange this “Voice of America”...

This undertaking to present this book with this object by Prof. dr. Bexhet Asani is an boding well initiative and will give its effect.
Important in this presence substrate and disclosure is to understand in essence, that we must give the opportunity to others to understand that they are important and evaluative persons, so they are put in the epicentre…
Ethical experience highlights T. Roosevelt, who has amazed with his ability in the field of recognizing various problems, in which he started the logic and form as he precipitated on the successive basis of the analysis. It is important to note his experience in this regard, which amazes you with his dedication and care for the other. When there were occasions to receive a visitor, he spent more than an hour preparing and studying interesting problems for the visitor. So to win the heart of the visitor, interlocutors, partners, collaborators (even the author with his book uses the act of conversing with readers) he talked about a problem that interested him. In this context, we need to draw conclusions about how we should prepare to orient the conversations, dialogues and collaborations for this deeply positive activity of QKSHA.
We wish good luck to the journey of this book!
Tirana, April 2020
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When you enter a "chamber" … of thought and practicality
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