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Kristaq F. Shabani
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Numri i postimeve : 11709
Age : 63
Vendi : Gjirokaster, Albania
Profesioni/Hobi : Poetry
Registration date : 04/07/2008

MesazhTitulli: THE QUINTESSENCE OF A NATIONAL PRIDE Prof.Kristaq F. Shabani   THE QUINTESSENCE OF A NATIONAL PRIDE Prof.Kristaq F. Shabani EmptySun Mar 03, 2019 3:21 pm


By Prof. Kristaq F. Shabani

Our objective in this writing enterprise is: "Let's make a contribution, however small, to the massive recognition of the brightest Head of the Albanian Nation, Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg".

Let's set on this historic and creative mission....
Often, in "journeys" of "anti" there are misguided misrepresentations, which seek to untwist with fiction and without foundation a glorious era of the Albanian nation, the triumph of an unusual Strategist and leader, as is the Chief of the Albanians, Gjergj Kastrioti-Skënderbeu, Albanian National Hero (1405-17 January 1468).
Who was this giant of thought, leadership, senior leadership in strategic positions, even the "codifyier" of a triumphant Military Art in the period when he lived and showed multi-faceted and multidimensional supremacy... THE MAN of the major Act of the proecion of his nation, a personifier of a glorious era of the History of a Nation from the oldest of Europe. This Albanian era took the name of this person as a personification of the goodness, the grace and the protection of the Identity, the man who prevented the flood of the Otoman phalanges to expand its territory of expansionary appetite. The main endency of the Empires is: the "creative" pleasure of growth to the detriment of the Nations and the arbitrary misconduct towards them until submission, massacre, guillotine, discouragement of thinking and prosperity, oppression of the tongue, rampant attitude towards the customs, traditions of the oppressed, the elimination of positivity, through the tightening of the hooks, bringing total darkness and the cultivation of ignorance, mediocrity, the total elimination of all good and the declinsion of the name at all cases: Subdued nation .... So a thorough eunuch, mute process...
Skanderbeg (1405 -17 January 1468) faced the savagery of the Ottoman Empire with much skill, defeated its attacks and counterattacks for a quarter of a century, but, he, with his sublimity, motivated the epoch with his name (end of the XIV century - beginning of XVI century).

This era accomplished:
First, the highest organization for protection of lands, freedom, property...
Secondly, under his leadership, the Albanian state was organized and functioned, creating a typical state characterized by the ability to face and even to triumph...
Third, this political and military organization strengthened national awareness and also boosted and fostered the unity of the lands, reinforcing the ability to defend themselves.
Fourth, thanks to Skanderbeg's skkills, uniifying of unity manifested itself, avoiding separatism and unity brought undisputable fruits.
Fifth, different layers of the population were united with a single objective and around a very reliable strategist, showing that great truth that even a single nation, if it forms its multiplanistic physiognomy, triumphs into aspirations.
Sixth, Skanderbeg's figure is a rare figure, where such a figure becomes a concretized aspiration expression and this turned him into a symbol of the unity and realization of the major objective...
Seventh, we wanted to highlight that word with great weight that the quality, in the case of Skanderbeg, his total combat actions, in the time that he lived, overcame the quantity, because he made use of the quality...
Eighth, Skanderbeg himself was a prominent figure, a part of the elite Nation's time, a credible figure, who led the front of the opposition against a Great Empire and showed that only an elite figure could accomplish such enlightenment. He thus created a great front of confrontation and this also strongly influenced the other Nations.
The interests of the social strata, the protection of these interests of all strata, symbolizes the unity and direction of the elite figure...
The real understanding of the imperative task of Time was one of Skanderbeg's strongholds...
Ninth: Skanderbeg was an excellent connoisseur of the worldview, tradition, the spirit of protest, the Albanian revolt, which he exploited in the interest of filling his platform, but on the other hand, he was, but such a deep connoisseur of the organization of the Ottoman army, been in its composition and had shown the capability in this regard. Thus, the principle of the recognition of the opponent in his complexity was effectively enforced.
These created the physiognomy of a personality, who studied all the qualities, advantages and weaknesses of his forces as well as his opponent, but in this encounter he entered a with scientific discipline for the time, as everything followed in the positive direction.
Tenth, The building of the triumphal philosophy was based on a real moral military platform. Scanderbeg dealt with understanding very well: Coping with a savage, powerful, modernized conqueror with the most advanced devices of the time and with the precipitation of the most numerous army, as the Ottoman Empire was, its nationals could not reach victory without exhausting the country's deep political cleavage, without a sustainable organizational basis, without the coordination of human and economic resources, military and material resources, without the coordination of all actions that took place in the internal level, with the actions undertaken in international plane.
Eleventh, Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg, as a consequence of this thoughtful, inellectual, intuitive suprmacy, in all his activity, turned to the attributes of a state man and a prominent military strategist.
Skanderbeg was a prominent leader and strategist, but also a high level politician. This was demonstrated in the major act of the establishment of the Lezha Covenant, a covenant, materializing aspiration, an act that was happening for the first time in Albanian history for total political union, conceptual change. The Albanian covenant was the keystone in the creation of this great voluntary alliance, which created a new mentality in the creation of alliance and confrontation. This later led to the creation of a strong state, a strong power centered on a prominent leader and strategist, transformed into a statesman as Skanderbeg, concretizing into a founder of an independent Albanian state.
(The existence of regressive thoughts by some petty historians or petty politicians, that Albanians can not create a state, is dwindled by this creation, chiefly and by other great actions, before and after this act).
Twelfth, the establishment of this state brought immediate birth to the establishment and strengthening of the care for the preservation of domestic economic resources to support the war. Meanwhile, strong measures were taken to protect the borderline east and south of the free lands, in organizing an organized observation of the opponents' movements. This accomplished also giving the primacy of creating opportunities for economic and trade development as well as increasing the export of grain and other products from the Adriatic port center.
Thirteenth, Skënderbeu, with his vision, gave importance and showing care about Albanians who were in the invasion zone, connecting and co-ordinating with them, laying consolidating steps in the Nation's unification. It is self-evident that this ever-increasing tendency increased the degree of agravation of the adversary, invader, as well as the "mining" of their activities in conquered places, thus bringing weakening in all directions. This served, among others, the spiritual union of the Albanians, the consolidation of the act initiated in the Lezha Covenant ... This also served the growth of information also in the military context, powerful action in the rear lines of the enemy.
Fourteenth, Scanderbeg's figure should be read and explained in the religious context. Recently, some allegedly historians, or representatives of religion, starting from their own interests, raise baseless accusations, since Skanderbeg was a man of Catholic faith, allegedly opposed to Islam. But it should never be forgotten that he, as a result of that that a part of his life, especially the youth, passed through the Muslim religion, as a country like Turkey that can not be spoken about religious tolerance, there could be such a mentality. This is the historical truth, which has only examples at a "minimum" not to be considered. Scanderbeg, thanks to his vision, to the recognition of the two predominant religions, used this presence of religious beliefs in the unification of people of different religions, by being distinguished in religious tolerance, which prevails even in moderate modern centuries. Without any prejudice, he remained above religious beliefs and differences... This respect served for total unity of Albanians and their education with other feelings and new mentality.
The spiritual union of Albanians, in this century, reached the magnitude of a climax...
Fifteenth, even in international plane, Scanderbeg was distinguished. Priority was given to the co-operation, the assurance of allies, alliances and permanent coherent cooperation, but also of temporary temporal, to operational situations and loads, with the sole purpose and objective: coping with the Ottoman aggression. This also served on the backing of their back, their combined security, but he paid attention also to vigilance, receiving information and evaluating with conviction the situations and reports created.
Sixteenth, Skanderbeg stands out and is a chief strategist in what he has worked on and triumphed in his historic and triumphant battles in a bright quarter of a century of the history of the Albanian people. In the conditions of a great disproportion to the numerical context, he elaborated with skillful mind and applied also with his skills of movement his ELLABORATED STRATEGY AND TACTIC, WHICH WITH ITS THEORETICAL AND PRACTICAL DYNAMISM IS ASSESSED BY THE ORGANIZATIONS OF THE ELABORATION OF STRATEGIC THINKING IN THE WORLD ...
Skanderbeg's Strategy and Tactics: "Whoever is unable to beat an enemy with an army of 8 to 12,000 can not do so with a much larger army."
What a "parabola" is this! Within it there are many elements and incentive winning factors.

Now, especially we, who have completed qualified military schools, understand Scanderbeg’s Strategy and Skill but for the interest of readers, researchers, and expanding the knowledge of the uninformed or those who speak in "vain", in order to minimize the lack of knowledge and to strengthen the proper recognition of this Strategy and Tactics, we list some of the most important principles and elements:
* Emphasized superiority of the opponent with warriors and armaments, face it and defeat it with standing in constant vindication, by disturbing and aggravating him with small-scale attacks on many points, providing a surprise, a surprise striking to secure the fall his morale.
* The cutting of supply routes, the introduction of supply units into traps, by exploiting the elements of our fantastic relief, creating predominance to strike with powerful, sudden, objective attacks: total destruction.
* The principle of active defense strategy, according to the "chancellor" principle: "Protect yourself by attacking".
* The Combinative skill of the Combination of battles, the great tactical-strategic operations with premediated retreats and combined with attacks, with a variety of traps of the guerrilla war.
* It was important to prepare and "specialize" fighters to skillfully carry out all the actions from the smallest to the confrontation in the field of battle in positivity.
* Unlike mercenary armed armies with heavy armaments of the time of Kings and Princes, the Sultans of the time, the support to an army with qualitative lightly armed organogram; characterized by great mobility and high striking ability, formed mainly by volunteers with combat readiness and spirit of self-sacrifice.
* One of Skanderbeg's typical features was that he himself fought without heavy armaments and busily engaged arm as a regular soldier. In the battle he was an example of inspiration and stirring for his fighters, showing at the same time the strength of a talented commander and a brave soldier.
This reality raised and strengthened, educated the sense of victory.
* His superiority was the recognition of the name of his soldiers on the battlefield, which brought about the growth of emotion and dedication to achieve the objective ... So, to realize this truth of recognition, the rational recognition process, being very simple even in everyday life, Skanderbeg was simple and spent his timer mostly with his comrades, making life a warrior.
It should be noted that these principles were also the basis for the concept of Military Art during the monoid system and were carried out with the military structures of the Albanian Army throughout this system.
As a result of these features, which make up a great mayor typical, Skanderbeg, at all times, enjoyed an indisputable respect from his contemporaries, not only when he was physically, but also after his death, which was the death of a great Titan and respected by all.
Naturally, such a chief figure remains in the memory, not only of his Nation, as he was the designer and triumphant of this age, which fascinated the Chancellor’s offices of the time and the Ottoman Empire itself ... but he also remained in the memory of his adversaries.
Skanderbeg is the one who deepened the beautiful code of bravery, heroism, courage and Albanian pride, who, with his profile, showed the world what a Leader and a Strategist was capable of doing to for his nation, but also for others.

His portrayal remained alive in the memory of a Nation and was conveyed, became gigantic with him, his deeds were conveyed through the centuries for the astonishment that his legendary victories caused. The Albanians created songs, legends, essays etc., about this chief figure.
Rightfullly our people and we are all proud of our National Hero, but he has become the subject of study of many personalities in the world who have studied his art school. A super man, who crossed the borders of his country, the Balkans and Europe ... This is shown by the numerous, multifaceted literature that exists today for this great figure. It is also used as an idol to mobilize peoples to oppose the Kingdoms, Empires, Tyranies and Tyrants, Dictators and Dictatorships, Violence, Elimination, that is why writers, historians, poets, political scientists in the world have him as the object of their works. Crystallized, as a figure of gigantic measures, he is present today with His Masterpiece, with statues, reliefs, in many countries of Europe.
In this regard, we have a tremendous pride for the respect made to our National Hero, George Castriot Scanderbeg, a complex figure matchless for the time and era he lived.
Therefore, the LNPSHA, in the year declared as the "SCANDERBEG’S YEAR", undertook a series of academic, literary, cultural, artistic activities dramatic poetry performances by the actor Xhevat Limani, "George Castriot Scanderbeg", who undertook a significant incursion in this year, in Albania, Balkans, Europe and the World (Albanian Theater in America); filmmaking, publishing activities, opening of exhibitions, manifestations and other events, which we reveal in the work "KOHA MBAN MEND" (TIME REMEMBERS).
Gjirokastra, Albania, January 2019
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