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 Erjon Hamza

Shko poshtė 

Numri i postimeve : 2358
Age : 42
Vendi : Prishtine
Registration date : 09/08/2007

MesazhTitulli: Erjon Hamza   Sun Apr 13, 2008 6:27 pm

It is very hard for me to write this email but unfortunately I have to write and ask you for gigantic favor.

My son Erjon had a flu and off course we send him to the doctor which doctor has given him a therapy towards this flu. He finished this flu like every kid that has a flu and after few days afternoon started to appear high fever so I have asked doctor about this and he told me to send him to laboratory to make complete blood counts-analysis. After blood analysis it turned out that the analysis are very bad so Erjon's doctor referred me to send him to Prishtina. I did so and the doctor in Prishtina asked if I could bring my son to Prizren because he wants to make a deep ultrasound to his stomach-abdomen. I went there and when he did so, he suspected in tumor but to make sure and explain things better he recommended me to do a CT Scan and then after this scan in Prishtina definitely found out that he has got tumor.

The doctor in Prishtina said that the son cannot be treated in Kosovo because of lack of machines and ingredients. He issued to me a report that my son needs treatment outside which is attached in this email. Hardly managed to collect some money and leave with my wife and son to Turkey in American Hospital and left my 2 months old daughter to my family in Law feeding with artificial milk. I went there and they informed me about my son situation and they've told me that me and my wife are in battle now with this tumor so we have to be strong which is not easy to be strong but we are trying. They have told me that the tumor is of the stage 4 (the worst) and he has to get 4 chemotherapy which each of these chemotherapy will be done in 21 days and if they ascertained that the tumor has been decreased enough that they can take out completely they will do a surgery and take out but if not they will have to continue 2 more season of this therapy and then surgery will be followed. Then after surgery will have to continue with 4 to 6 season of this chemotherapy to eliminate tumor complete and get sure that my son is cured completely.

This time that I went to Turkey spent around 10.000 Euros as my son has gone through a lot of records, blood counts and one intervention and they have informed me that each of these season of chemotherapy will cost around 4 to 5.000 Euros.

When I left Turkey asked the Erjon's doctor to write me a report in English which is attached explaining my son's situation. In this email are also 3 pictures if in case you need to show somebody a picture of my family.

So because I am forced to ask you not by my wish I am asking you if you can find donations or somehow help me in this issue I would really appreciate it.

I apologize indeed of a long email but I have been put in prove by GOD so I am trying to be strong and react as HE is willing me to react.

Thanks indeed
PS/ Naki faleminderit per mbeshtetjen tende

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Erjon Hamza
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