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Kristaq F. Shabani
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Numri i postimeve : 11555
Age : 59
Vendi : Gjirokaster, Albania
Profesioni/Hobi : Poetry
Registration date : 04/07/2008


17 -20 August 2017

By Kristaq F. Shabani, IWA, WPS, AOM President of IAPWA "PEGASI" ALBANIA
Candidate for the NOBEL Peace Award for 2017, proposed by IWA (OHIO) USA

It was in my plan that we as IAPWA "PEGASI" ALBANIA could organize some major events in Macedonia, in several cities such as Skopje, the capital of the country, in Peja, Struga, a picturesque and intellectual town inhabited by the Albanian majority, so with Albanian predominance; In Kėrcove, Prespa, and in the city of Manastir, a city of great importance and contribution, as in this city, in November 1908, was organized the Congress of Manastir or the Congress of the Albanian Alphabet.
Activities took place in the framework of my nomination for the "NOBEL" Prize for Peace, proposed by IWA for 2017.

We arrived in Skopje, starting from Gjirokastra with Aleksandra, where we met in Fier with the poet Ėngjėll Shametaj and Vladimir Lulaj and we set off for Skopje, on the road that was completely altered in Albania: Fier- Lushnja - Rrogozhinė-Elbasan-Librazhd-Prenjas and after passing Qafa e Thanes, the Border Point with Macedonia, we went to Struga, where Dr. Bexhet Asani, coming from USA joined us in our vehicle, led by Ėngjėll. We were welcomed in Skopje by the writer theologian Zekerija Idrizi and later we accommodated in the hotel in the center of Skopje, we all had a work dinner, talking about issues of Literature, Art, Universal Peace, creativity and the activity of 18.08.2017, where the six works of Zekerija would be presented.

The presentation of the work " Escape from Death" by the author Zekerija Idrizi was held in the media station of the University "Mother Teresa" in Skopje, with the presence of the academic staff of this University and poets, writers, intellectuals and artists from Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Albanian Diaspora as well as guests who had especially arrived from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, USA and others, in this literary event with the subject: "Literature Art, Culture, Universal Peace and Creativity".
An intellectual environment, where, besides others, there was also presence of religious clerics, among them the Chairman of the Islamic Community of Macedonia, Sulejman Rexhepi, Rector of the University Prof. Dr. Azis Pollozhani and others.
In one of the analytical sessions were delivered the speeches:

1. Spiritual, hopeful and therapeutic "emphasis" for the revival of living being”
By Kristaq F. Shabani, IWA, WPS, AOM writer, poet, scholar, aesthetic
President of LNPSHA "PEGASI" ALBANIA Candidate for the NOBEL Peace Award for 2017
(The Book "Escape from Death"of the prominent theologian Zekerija Idrizi)
By Dr. Bexhet Asani, scholar, poet, writer
3. "Works of the sanctified tableaus in a philosophical, moral and psychological attitude"
Meditation about the book "Escape from Death "of the author Zekirija Idrizi
By Nexhmije Hasani, writer, IAPWA "PEGASI" ALBANIA
IAPWA "PEGASI" ALBANIA and ALBANIAN ALTERNATIVE PEGASIAN ACADEMY awarded the "POLEART" "PEGASI" INTERNATIONAL ALBANIA PRIZE to the writer, theologian, Zekerija Idrizi, who resides in Germany, in an interesting ceremonial.
This event was also congratulated on behalf of the President of IWA poet Teresinka Pereira.
Then a meeting was held with the Rector of the University "Mother Theresa" Skopje with the object
"Literature, Art, Culture, Universal Peace and the Universal Book", where the dimension of the book was discussed and the contact with it, from all age groups.
We also held individual meetings with poets, writers, intellectuals, journalists attending this event.
We also made several visits to Skopje and especially before the statue of the Albanian National Hero, Gjergj Kastrioti Scanderbeg, a multi-dimensional and legendary figure known for his acts in many parts of the world. Similarly, Mother Theresa, Nobel Peace Prize Award...
After the end of this prominent plan, we headed for the beautiful city of Struga, where on the way we stayed in the Peja Tekke, a very famous tekke, where was organized a beautiful activity: "Literature, Art, Culture, Peace Universal and cult objects ", where we visited, among other things, the tomb of Mehmet Pasha Dėrvalla, a historic figure of the Albanian Nation, the Minister of War, in the government of Ismail Qemali, the man who declared the independence of Albania on 28 November 1912.

Struga 18-19.08.2017
Spectacular reception in Struga. The next day in Struga included two great activities for the newly-published books in Struga by Struga Publishing House and Pegasus: "Literary Optics" a viewpoint and "The Deity of the Eyes" poetry volume, two-language books: Albanian and English, Professional publishing. These two voluminous and serious work books of Dr. Bexhet Asani.
At 10.00 am was organized in a beautiful environment, the Park of Shumi, the activity: "Literature, Art, Culture. Universal Peace and Birthplace".
A detailed program with a reference by me and poems by the author the poet Bexheti Asani in Albanian and English were recited, with poems, excerpts from the poem "OASIS" of poet Kristaq F. Shabani and with impressions, occurrences, from the colleagues of Mr. Bexhet and Pegasians coming from Albania. The poet and translator Aleksandra Shabani brought into poetry a magical interpretation of the volume of Asani.
Also the author of poetry volume "The Deity of the Eyes" recited several poems from this volume, which were dedicated to the birthplace.
At 17.00, the literary event "Literature, Art, Culture, Universal Peace and Study Area" was organized at the prestigious "POSHKA" Theater of the city of Struga. This activity was moderated by the talented director, OLSA POSHKA, a member of IAWPA "PEGASI" ALBANIA, according to a contemporary, prominent programme, where the main place was analytics and illustration.
Analytical professional papers were held:

1. "Study, Reality and Surprise of a multigenre Viewpoint"
By Kristaq F. Shabani IWA, WPS, AOM
2. "History, Motivation and Impulse for Historical Education" This article was hosted by Engjell Shametaj, Fier, Albania.
3. "Poetry of Fast Reflection in a Creative Trinity ..." by Kristaq F. Shabani
"The Deity of the Eyes" poems, poetry volume by the author Bexhet Asani
This speech was held by Aleksandra Shabani IWA, poet, translator.
Analytical sentences on the books were held by the writer Zekerija Idrizi. Fragments and poems from both books were interpreted. The author was awarded the title: "Poleart" PEGASI "INTERNATIONAL" and with gratitude for his contribution in the field of education field by the Education Veterans Association of Struga.
The present auditor, in this activity, brought impressions from two books of Dr. Bexhet Asani. Likewise many representatives or Chairpersons of the Association brought their greetings. Also, the greetings of the Sister Association of Literature and Art from all over the World were also read. These activities were also held under the IWA logo.

20 .08.2017
"Pegasi" held a literary visit and acquaintance with nature, the beauties of Prespa, Ohrid and Manastir, where the artistic word, interpretation, free debate on peace, humanism, the role of creative women in society, the education of children, the giving of priority to liberties and recognition of the rights, the importance of family in education, the fight against drugs, prostitution, white meat, the fight against the war hotspots in the Globe and a number of other phenomena. Importance, in these free debates as well as in activities, was also given to culture, talent expression, encouragement of young talents, universal book warfare with ideas, innovation, value competition, universal exchange, publishing, and especially publishing of 32 volumes: "THE DIARY OF CREATIVE ANGELS" by the writer Kristaq F. Shabani IWA, President of "Pegasi" International ALBANIA, reflecting the multidimensional activity of Pegasi from 1996 until 2017. Also, in all the cities where the activities were held, was spoken about the the IWA, its President Teresinka Pereira, and their dimensional activity since 1978. Books were delivered to the libraries of Macedonian cities. Even in the city of Prespa, a visit was made to the museum house of Nazif Bey, where there were artistic exhibits from all over the world.

In the city of Manastir
Extraordinary event. Visits to this city, in churches with history, at the characteristic clock, walk to its typical stone streets and the House of Congress of the Albanian Alphabet of Manastir left an indelible impressions. In the beginning was held the speech:
In the home of the Alphabet were held two speeches for the works of Kristaq F. Shabani:

An activity for the language which rarely occurs as an eight-colored RAINBOW… And these are realized only by "PEGASI" ALBANIA...
By Kristaq F. Shabani, IWA, WPS, AOM President of IAPWA "PEGASI" ALBANIA
Candidate for the NOBEL Peace Award for 2017, proposed by IWA (OHIO) USA
Dear participants, in this real, enthusiastic, thrilling event!
After three great activities in Macedonia, where we provided and organized analytical presentations with a prominent professionalism for the work "Escape from Death" by theologian and writer Zekerija Idrizi, specially coming from Germany and two works by Dr. Bexhet Asani, coming from USA. Today we are in a bright place, in which, with the congressional activity developed here, the Albanian Alphabet Monument is raised. The involvement of the city of Manastir in our Pegasian activity plan is, without a doubt, a beautiful and bright grip. An extraordinary care for the Bright Memory of Great Acts and an appreciation for that Major Effort for the Albanian Alphabet. We are here in this "improvised" scene, in a fantastic way, where the protagonists of the Act stand and it seems as if we are with them and they are alive ... We are in the "Sphinx of the Letters" of the ancient language.
Before, almost 109 years, here was signed the Major Act: the "Light" and the "green" of the postmodern Albanian language. The great Contribution of Great Contributors ... The Blessed Dream of Wise Men to seal their name with green activity and to keep the torches Burning. Glory to the Torches! The beginnings of the verdure of the crown of the traces of ancient language whose existence was denied, severely attacked for non-existence. Why were they afraid of this language? Why were they so terrified of this language? Numerous questions, which did not remain, in any case, in silent rhetoric. They feared it because it is a language of gods, a language of heroes, heroines, sylphs, lions, a language of prideful mountains, a language-symbol of unbowed eagles, ancestral, source language, which has its origin of birth in ancient times, a language with individual contours, spirit, breath, a language with a particular semantic structure of the soul.
The fonts of this language, the bright phonemes that encourage you to do great deeds...
Thus, over the centuries, against it were sent over to cut its letters, to make its contours bleed, to cut its throat in guillotine, but, the scholars, true and brave linguists, resisted to sublimity (sacrifice) till unparalleled heroism, pantheonized in the pantheon of the language... Those, the Great Powers, sought to eliminate its torches, to extinguish the burning fire. But the more they fought, the more she blazed. The language sacrifice raised the pedestal of the language itself. The Congress of Manastir was the Congress of Wisdom, the Congress of Wise Men, eager to see the Albanian language progress.
We pegasians today are putting a garland of flowers of Albanian alphabet flowers here ... We Pegasians have raise our voice to this Altar, in our ethnic lands, to this historic reminder, which must be preserved, maintained that this monument may shine, the old minds have always sought to eradicate its greatness, that, in this place, where the letters are alive, may re-start and never extinguish the torch of the Albanian Alphabet Letters. No force or power, no government should ever think of avoiding, decontouring, dismantling this place of pilgrimage of the Albanian Language, at this so-called time of modernization ... where the right is still revolving hither and thither, where Freedom is often violated in order not to speak Albanian.
This historic place should be revived, to speak majestically, to flatter with eagle’s tongue, as it clearly indicates the identity of an ancient and powerful nation. The eagle, our symbol is also the symbol of peace. Our nation never attacked any other state, always had the ideal of peace, but others have always imposed the war ... In this context Albanians are peaceful people and deserve attention, Albanians are people who love Education, and language, and seek, wherever they are, to speak their precious, divine, ancient language, to speak and write it... The Albanian language is a genius language.
"Albanian language," says the prominent arvanitas scholar Aristidh P. Kolja, is the language of the gods, hence the language of the deieties. In 1997, when I published my book Pulse of Pain at his publishing house "Thamiris" in Athens, he commissioned me to: "Put a crown of Albanian letter flowers in the House of Congress of Manastir, The House of the Alphabet, when you go with Pegasus also in my name!”And here his great message is being implemented: We are here, in this holy place, where we are putting a garland of letters with the Sphinx of Letters, which Now it is possible also for others to read it in the universal language. We are here today that this Altar may always speak, may always shine, may always blaze, may always radiate... From here we make an appeal of the remarkable letters:
May this Altar always release countless shoots, revive the hearts, the spirit of the heart speakers and the speaker of the Albanian language. Even here in Manastir, Ohrid, Skopje, Kėrēovė, Tetovo, Struga, Prespa, Diber etc may the ancient Albanian language be a language which may be spoken freely in this country, where a strong Albanian ethnicity lives to become an official language. In this context, Europe should open its eyes and atone for some of its great offenses against this great and unrepeatable nation... There must be no fear of using the Albanian language; No one should be afraid of Albanian language. The Albanian language is the language of the eagle, heart, and soul. It is transmitted as a peaceful language with its peaceful letters, as a peaceful language in sounds and very sweet. Through Literature, Art, Culture and Universal Peace the Albanian language is recognized, transmitted, liked and it distributes Peace everywhere in the Globe...
The Pegasi members have always devoted and devote their attention to the language, since for this language were sacrificed the Negovan, Qiriazi, Fishta, Migjeni, Mjeda, Frashėlli brothers, Grameno and many others, and the columns with works of the Albanian language were added to the fund of this ancient language. I am privileged to present, here, my works, today, "Puilsi i Dhimbjes", where on the cover of this book is the animation and twisting of 36 letters of the Albanian language; "Oasis", which is dedicated to the creators who bloom and convey the splendor, the unification of the letters, which produce great Albanian words; the "Yellow Vilas", who cut off our alphabet but could not defeat it; the "Fatal Empire" where is the language poetry and "Sphinx Of the letters" in Albanian and English, which is part of my volume, but also the "Literary Optics" of Dr. Bexhet Asani ... Meanwhile, in this Altar, there is the presentation of two works by prominent Asani scholar: "Literary Optics" and "The Deity of the Eyes" poetry volume, where their creations of language creations and angles are translated into their content.
We are proud that today we are here and we are very much beloved by Albanologist Mendushe Ajdini, whom we congratulate for her passionate work in this Altar...
Let's start this beautiful and ardent activity...

By Dr. Bexhet Asani, scholar, US writer and a look at the "Sphinx of the Scriptures" of the same author. Furthermore, after these speeches, were interpreted poems for the language such as "The Subject of Fatal", "The Pulse of Sorrow", "The Sphinx of the Scriptures" by Kristaq F. Shabani IWA and "Literary Optics” and “the Deity of the Eyes" by the author Bexhet Asani. The authors interpreted fragments from their wok and Aleksandra Shabani interpreted in English. Likewise, the poet Aleksandra Shabani recited poetry from her poetic book "Stylistics of Freedom". A note was delivered by Zekerija Idrizi, a writer, titled "The Albanian language, this ancient and divine language". In the end, this beautiful ceremony, directed by the poet Engjell Shameti, was closed with the recitation of a fragment from the poem "OASIS" by Kristaq F. Shabani and to the library of the House of Congress were given a gift of some books, among others and the book "Angels against Hatred" by the poet Teresinka Pereira, translated into Albanian by Aleksandra Shabani.

The Cicerone of the House, the historian lady, Mendushe Ajdini, thanked Pegasi, its President, Candidate for the Nobel Prize for Peace for the year 2017 the poet, writer, aesthetist Kristaq F. Shabani, the scholar Bexhet Asani, Aleksandra Shabani, Zekerija Idrizi, Engjell Shameti, Kefsere Idrizi, Vladimir Lulaj for their presence in this house and for the donated books.
The scenic improvisation of this activity was very impressive, which caused great emotions to the participants.

By Majlinda Shabani (Aleksandra)
In the green kisses,
on the Albanian soil,
between bridges the light-shades,
give breath to the steps in courageous courage,
dressed in the same sound of singing,
under the same sun of the eagles,
with the heaven witnessing the moments,
Born and never setting through the ages!
In the veins of history,
the awakened volcanos,
the perpetuated blood
of the originated Illyrian beginnings!
In the temples of the Albanian land,
where the letters as a living lava sculpt the pentagrams
of the constellations,
with the supreme wills of the ancestors.
In supplication, the letters line up,
in prayer the symbols line up...
The first and last blessed symbols!
Do not ever forget walking
and life with Albanian tongue,
and breathing!
© 20/08/2017

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