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 "Bill and his statue" by Kistaq F. Shabani

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Kristaq F. Shabani
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Numri i postimeve : 11556
Age : 59
Vendi : Gjirokaster, Albania
Profesioni/Hobi : Poetry
Registration date : 04/07/2008

"Bill and his statue" by Kistaq F. Shabani  Empty
MesazhTitulli: "Bill and his statue" by Kistaq F. Shabani    "Bill and his statue" by Kistaq F. Shabani  EmptyTue Jul 04, 2017 10:02 pm


... The map was turned into a contoured map of physical appearance ... Suddenly, as it happens in astonishing castings this amphitheatre pointed his wise eyes to a fantastic acting on earth:

Bill and his statue

Bill Clinton with his characteristic smile, his body, like a cypress, climbs the stairs and approaches the Pulpit of the Assembly of Kosovo. His eyes spark; break in such a way, expressing his emotion of honour, made by a long-suffering people in a century yoke. "This brave people passed through an electoral ordeal," the ex-president thinks, "but everyone does not want to remember the word ex. He was and is ... ". The eyes of deputies, who have the privilege of seeing this man directly - angel. And the eyes of other people are attentively turned from the TV screens to see this great heavenly saviour, who speaks of the future of the country that he liberated, thanks to his ability and courage and, of course, he had the support of others ... He began to Speak with the metal voice, with the clear mind, and his successful experience, remembered as "the beautiful era of Clinton's presidency": ".... You must be very proud of what you have achieved and I have said to the President and Prime minister that you did a better job than others thought. Kosovo has consolidated democratic institutions ... Kosovo is already part of the IMF and soon you will be part of NATO and the EU. I can assure you to continue to work for minorities to be fully integrated and you will do this because you are part of the 21st century world ... ".

Clinton's words were encouraging words for the people of Kosovo to think about the future and not about the past. But in his speech, Clinton did not forget to greet the valuable contribution of late President Ibrahim Rugova and to convey to the Kosovars greetings from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. President of Kosovo, Fatmir Sejdiu made the assessment: "President Clinton has had a special role in Kosovo's independence, therefore, according to him, Kosovo will be forever grateful to former President Clinton! ...

...The citizens of my country will always be grateful and thankful for the support in all periods, as well as for the capital decision you took in a difficult and dramatic moment to intervene militarily and to stop ethnic cleansing, which was threatening a whole people and the planned collective killing"... The Prime Minister, Hashtim Thaēi, said:" We honour our great friend, expressing gratitude to him for the help given to us. Former United States President Bill Clinton is a great hero for Kosovo.... "Kosovo's deep civic gratitude for former President Clinton, Speaker of Parliament Jakup Krasniqi, expressed in the phrase:" It was his decision that has stopped the cleansing and suffering of the people of Kosovo”.

After this ceremony President Clinton, accompanied by Kosovo state leaders, President Sejdiu and Prime Minister Thaēi, with the presence of international diplomats in Kosovo, headed to the square bearing his name "Bill Clinton".
Thousands of people gathered in the square, not only from Kosovo, but also from neighbouring countries, waited for the former President with ovations and applause, amid a festive environment filled with banners, Albanian flags, and American flags. A very enthusiastic environment. Among them was Luljeta Sharani with Arjeta and her son, who had come especially from Gjakova to attend the inauguration ceremony of Bill Clinton's statue...

People saw their saviour, who had been close to them several times. 80 days he suffered along with them to triumph over the Balkan dictator, to defeat him and defeat him, avoiding a great slaughter, which was taking elimination dimensions...

People in Bill Clinton Square cheered as the rescuer statue was revealed ... Bill Clinton in front of his statue carved with art and craftsmanship. A large figure sculpted in it. Bill Clinton contemplated with his strong eyesight his own self sculpted... He applauded and turned from the people, telling everyone: "I'm already your part ... Here I am! ... ".

From his eyes and the big soul came heartfelt thanks for the loyal and heroic people...

Luljeta Sharani repeated several times: "Nice ... Nice! ...". At that moment she thought she heard the voice of her boys and her husband: "Nice! ... Nice! ...". How different people are: humankind with inhumanity, the brave man from the merciless, the liberator from the conqueror, the bloodthirsty from the wise, the dictator from the leader, the prophet from the profane ... How beautiful would it be if the planet were filled with such as Bill Clinton, an image and a model of human man ... ".

Luljeta turned her eyes from the sky. She contemplated that giant amphitheatre and that unprecedented presence of people. She filled her bronchi with breath and she burst: “Life seems to continue also in the heavens! This sight is convincing me now! Now I live in my Republic!... ”. She took her nephew from the hand and she emerged from the crowd in order to live in peace the rest of her years and in order to fulfil the silent supreme will…


“The Big Gambol of Death” Neo -novel drama

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"Bill and his statue" by Kistaq F. Shabani
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