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  Nexhmije Hasani “THE AGONY OF DIAGRAM” novel

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Kristaq F. Shabani
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Numri i postimeve : 11559
Age : 60
Vendi : Gjirokaster, Albania
Profesioni/Hobi : Poetry
Registration date : 04/07/2008

 Nexhmije Hasani   “THE AGONY OF DIAGRAM” novel Empty
MesazhTitulli: Nexhmije Hasani “THE AGONY OF DIAGRAM” novel    Nexhmije Hasani   “THE AGONY OF DIAGRAM” novel EmptyThu Feb 11, 2016 2:39 am

Nexhmije Hasani

The book has been prepared under the care of LNPSHA “PEGASI” ALBANIA Printed in the Printing House “Botimet Barleti” Tiranë, 2015

Fragmentation of the calvary into a colourful diagram
Cogitation on the book “The agony of diagram “

By Kristaq F. Shabani IWA, WPS, AOM “Man of the Year 2011” Amerikan Biografiphical Institute

Opening of a portal
An overt creative genesis, which walks on a beautiful, interesting path with turns and (counterturns) with free walk and obstacles, with upraises and declines, where the feelings burst and come wavy, fiery, bitter and murderous, in a dizzy tableau, where beautiful and strange anxieties grip you, forcing you to permeate a journey of fruitful reading.
When events, occurrences are vivid, diverse, filled with great expository scheming, with contrarieties, with parallelisms and events in double-planed differentiating characteristics, with dramatization or intertwined, when the narrator realizes, through introductive forms, a weaving of parts filled with nub, a lymphatic fluid, which moves with authority through the veins of book’s contour, necessarily by creating an environment filled with passages, one is tempted, mentally developed, and takes an attitude towards the beauty, the vital, towards the birth of a diagramming work , in which the calvary of pains suffers, surprises, abysses, deaths, murdering, life violation, imbalance, masquerade of genocide, evil, discrimination, truncated finger, human humility, surprise leaving, abstraction of action, getting the status of “orphan”, appears in all its so called genial model.

In the start of this calvary the main protagonist, Era, sets out (chosen with this very symbolic name a determiner of the social system installed also with her zeal and capability, this Era blows in a completely other system), who, in her life stories connects acting characters, who act in a determined time, in a lane, which is not plain and uniform, it is neither double-poled south - north, nor plus - minus, but a determined outset, nor arrival, but turns and returns, warm and cold pole, warm-cold, ice, snow, rain, sun, morning, night, day, dawn, darkness, light. The codifying key plays a role and for the decoding it is demanded throwing intelligence in front...

A curbed, elliptic, movement in which events are realized and diagrammed without regular quotation of heights, which are set in their places, but diagrammed, according to the force, speed of action, speed of the occurrence of the event. A role in this presentation plays the writer, who, without dividing the protagonist, has her own sense of intervention and assistance...
This diagram often appears diagrammed in movements forward, but often the diagram is moveable, goes back and makes different journeys from the journey made before, because also the events are interrelated as such, but also the surprise of the secret, without telling any journey made, being rather abstract. Through the analytic study of this narrative diagram one reaches the conclusion that the content of this book is indeed a significant calvary, where the modern meets the old fashioned, where mentality appears very contoured, where vital processes have beginnings of pain and ending also with pain, proceeding after the negative logic. In this agony the positivity acts with the aim of escaping from the sharp claws of the agony, as it is the escape from the “myth - peel” of the main character and her daughter. In the end also the diagram changes its rules categorically...

Characters of the work
In addition to Era, here appear narrated, or illustrated, acting in relation with other characters as Naneja, which brings in the theatre of action the Grandfather, a clever man; the mother; mother vaguely remembered, stressed father, sister, grandfather on mother’s side, Nuja, uncle, brother, sisters from father’s second marriage, the boyfriend who became a husband, doctors, nurses, tycoon “boss”, director, but also abstract characters such as: shadow, jinn, angels, devil etc. All these characters realistically and abstractly interrelated, interpreted in this work, according to their role on the background, in verticality, horizontality and in the harsh climate of the events..., where the main character coming from a bitter reality, changes her and her daughter’s life page, by so altering categorically the vital courses.

Narration and language, phraseology
One of the strongest points of this book is the narrative capacity, in which the main role is played by Era, who knows how to tell the stories with a logical force, knows how to react, to concentrate, to organize the dialogue, to come to conclusions, to stimulate, to push, to come face to face with unexpected events, as well as to take measures to eliminate the consequences which result from causes dictated by the life course...
It should be emphasized that a special merit in the efficient use of spoken and written language, where an example is given, in powerful direction of positivity: preservation of mother tongue in a foreign country such as England, which has become a beloved second country for Era and her daughter, Ani Gashi. Clear connected phrases, and treading on phrasal logic in figures and use of symbols, giving melody to narration. Such a presentation is an inspiring dynamic creative example.

Like every other work, the work “The agony of diagram” by the author Nexhmije Hasani, is filled with messages with which the reader is fed during the reading of this book and experiences past moments in his life.
In addition to messages which emerge during the currents of intelligent narration, there are also messages which should be discovered, or decoded in this “scores”, where the notes sing a beautiful melody.

The encompassing space
The book “The agony of diagram” covers events, which take place in two countries Albania and England and this increases the curiosity of the readers. In this direction light is thrown on the introduction of cities, economic development as well as modern English mentality, social and economic progress of this elite country. Willingly or unwillingly the reader makes the comparison which triggers the progress and the good will for progress.

Gjirokastër, Albania October 2015

Nexhmije Hasani was born in Tirana. She is originally from Luarati, Cameria. Her family settled in Tirana, after the genocide againts the Cam population in the year 1944. She completed High School at the college “Sami Frasheri” Tirana. The she worked at the factory of food technology. Since a young age, she has shown her talent in writing poems and novels. The novel “ The agony of Diagram” in Albanian language is her first creatation. Her work with poems and novels in two languages, Albanian and English, is in the process of publication.
From the year 2000 she has lived and worked with her family in London, England but she has never forgets Tirana. Nexhmije has been a member of LNPSHA “PEGASI” ALBANIA since March 2015. She has completed some courses of specialization in England and has mastered the English language.
Her motto is: “ I am a free soul. Born under the warm sunrays. The world around me was wild. I was born from love, but I never touched love. But I never gave up from love. I walked through the paths that were destined for me, and I came through…”.
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Nexhmije Hasani “THE AGONY OF DIAGRAM” novel
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