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Kristaq F. Shabani
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Numri i postimeve : 11537
Age : 58
Vendi : Gjirokaster, Albania
Profesioni/Hobi : Poetry
Registration date : 04/07/2008

MesazhTitulli: ACTIVITY “I LIT THE LIPS OF TIME”   Wed Jul 22, 2009 10:06 pm



In June 25, 2009, in the town of Gjirokastra, ALBANIA, on the occasion of the anniversary of the poet, writer, publicist, scholar Kristaq F. Shabani, known not only in Albania, but throughout the world, the International Association of the Poets, Writers and Artists “PEGASI” ALBANIA organizes the literary activity “I Lit the Lips of Time”.

It is a great honor for our Association to celebrate in an exalted way the anniversary of such a personality of the Albanian literature, who in a period of two decades, after the democratic changes in Albania, has given a great contribution for the change of the literary mentality, for a different breathing in the Albanian literature, for a magical way of writing in the philosophical sense, in figuration, considered by some genuine analysts, scholars of literature as “the Prince of Figure” as Picasso of Literature, as a typical representative of the modern literature. Since the beginnings of the year 1991 he is considered as a poet who has crossed the small boundaries of his country.

The set of themes, variety, treatment, writing and penetrating talent, composition, figuration, new findings, presentation of the feeling with a genuine style etc., have made Kristaq F. Shabani be a representative in many anthologies of literature in the world.

He is the founder of the Literary Association “PEGASI” and International Literary Association “PEGASI” ALBANIA, by giving these Associations contours, modern architectures, by achieving in a short period of time to create ties with many prestigious organisms that operate today in the world, undertaking a universal exchange of values and dignified competitions of the Albanian poets, writers and artists in international competitions and organizations.

Owing to his activity and the cooperation with his close assistants he managed to accomplish “the bringing of a new era” in the acknowledgement of the contemporary (postmodern) literature of the most prestigious figures of literature in the world everywhere in every corner of the Globe and to persist for the acknowledgement of the new representatives of the present Albanian modern Literature, not only poets and writers who live in Albania, but in all the Albanian regions such as Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, in Diaspora etc.

The poet Kristaq F. Shabani has undertaken with talent the motivation of the distinguished talents in the field of literature contributing in the new literary bringing for about two decades, assisting in the process of editing competent for this bringing. The same way he has given an extraordinary assistance in the creation of the new modules in the literary genres as well as in the research, monographic aspect etc. He has a large number of distinguished works in the field of journalism.

Over 30 periodicals and above all literary periodicals are a product of his initiative and his creation. A great contribution in this field… Our Association has organized over 500 activities with various set of themes: presentations, analytics, symposiums, conferences, interpretations, recessions, poetical festivals etc, are without doubt, a product of his persistent work. The organization of our Association in modern parameters, its extension in all the Albanian space, its dignified representation in the world, the complete embracement of the present logistics, the contact and the ties with the sister enterprises the creation of the websites and presentation of all the activities of the Association and its members, the publishing of the Anthologies in some languages entitled “OPEN LANE”, authors of the Literary Association “PEGASI” ALBANIA and other authors from the world (about 170 poets from Albania and 83 chosen poets from the world), lots of translations in several languages, owing to the cadre of translation of our Association made of distinguished names, the realization of the “Modern Poetry Speaks Albanian” etc., speak for the activity of our President. It should be stressed that owing to his initiative, about 50 Albanian poets from all the Albanian regions are today members of the World Poets Society W.P.S.

Kristaq is a member and an honorary member of many organisms in the world today. We would like to mention I.W.A (International Writers Association), with Teresinka Pereira as President, a typical modern literary association which operates all over the world. We should mention also the ties we have with neighboring countries such as Greece, Italy etc. his poetries are published in many countries in the world. Today he has ties with the most distinguished poets in the world.

It must be stressed that the poet Kristaq F. Shabani is distinguished for his conceptual, organizing and realizing role. This has been indicated during his great passionate work of the great undertakings.

He has given a valuable contribution in the organization of the international literary activities. He is the leader, organizer of many international activities, by reaching a great success in organizing successfully the International Symposium “Muse of Poetry Pegasi 2009” with object “Contemporary Poetry”. Kristaq is the author of many works in different literary genres who constitutes a great contribution in literature.

Our Association has a moral responsibility towards our President for the intensification of the publishing of his works. In this framework we work intensively in order that his poetic anthological work “Kristaniada” be published in several languages such as English, Italian, Greek and Spanish

For the international Association “PEGASI” ALBANIA

Secretary General Vice President

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Anėtar i Suksesshėm

Numri i postimeve : 2337
Age : 52
Vendi : Ferizaj -gjermani
Registration date : 30/03/2009

MesazhTitulli: Re: ACTIVITY “I LIT THE LIPS OF TIME”   Wed Jul 22, 2009 10:45 pm

o kristaq shabani perktheje ne shqip se nuk e kuptojn krej anglishten.
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